Liquid Life

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We all face the new reality of an increasing amout of uncertainties in our life. But these uncertainties affect one group more then the other. Zygmunt Baumann has written about how hee sees the divide in the post modern society.  

“The opposition between the tourists and the vagabonds is the major, principal division of the postmodern society. We are all plotted on a continuum stretched between the poles of the ‘perfect tourist‘ and the ‘vagabond beyond remedy‘ – and our respective places between the poles are plotted according to the degree of freedom we possess in choosing our life itineraries. Freedom of choice, is in the postmodern society by far the most seminal among the stratifying factors. The more freedom of choice one has, the higher is his or her rank in the postmodern social hierarchy. Postmodern social differences are made of the width and narrowness of the range of realistic options.”
Zigmunt Baumann