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Dutch people and their windows, I have always been interested in the everyday traits in home decor. Walking around cities and villages I have noticed is that Dutch people in particular are very active in using their window as sort of a display case. I have often wonderd why? Maybe it has to do with how we build, dutch houses might have deeper windowsills then in other countries, allowing inhabitants to put objects in their windows. Dutch houses often have their home floor on the same level as the street, resulting in people using curtains, foils or objects in their window preventing people from looking in. In other countries ground floors are often raised from the street, if not they are often commercial spaces. Then there is the urban planning of Dutch cities, I know of no other cities that has homes on the ground floor with no garden or encroachment zone of garden. So the urge for people to put objects in fromt of their window might just be because of privacy reasons. 

These objects mitigate the boundry between the public and the private, simultaniously being a display case. Flowers, small sculptures, a buddah’s head, candle holders, objects telling somthing about the inhabitants of the house. But there is one item that faschinates me in particular and that is a window screen. I have not seen it in other counties then the Netherlands. It has a barokke shape and it often leans agains the glass, standing on two legs. It consist of a wooden frame and the frame is often filled with embroidered fabric.