Liquid Life

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What struck me in this article are multiple things. First of all the title, quantum space. I have often tought about space being able to ‘switch’ in function. By now when you pull your phone out of your pocket while waching a football game, you can start working. Does this make the livingroom in a office, how can traditional ideas about function and space be understood in modern times. 

The other thing is that he writes about kipple, a term coined by Philip K. Dick in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. The meaningless dross we accumulate during life and just sits around the room. An umbrella leaning against a wall, a gum wrapper on the table,  magnets on the fridge or scuffed fabric of the couch, signs that real people are living there. And what I have noticed is that tough exposure of an enormous amount of imgased we have been idealising an ‘kippleless’ modernist home. And this idealisaton has been embraced by housing markets, advertising with sleek looking houses with oak floors and black steel window frames.

by Jack Self