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Towards a Diffuse House -

Anna Puigjaner 

Today, due to the liquified structures and technologies of late-capitalism, the limits of the domestic sphere have blurred. Increasingly, our houses connect to a vast and growing digital sphere. This invisible territory into which our homes and the lives we live in them advance has turned the entirety of the built environment into an endless domestic landscape, one defined less by buildings or public spaces and more by objects and technologies. With the design of these new domestic apparatuses, notions of privacy and publicity, as well as productive and reproductive labor are being dramatically redefined. Gradually, the home has become a diffuse entity, one supported by different services and spaces that do not necessarily occur within the same bounded domain. The home of today is where the domestic and the urban, labor and leisure, private and public, all converge into an enigmatic, and problematic entanglement.

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Image:MAIO, Invisible Landscapes: Act I (Home), Royal Academy of Arts, London, 2018. Photo: Ana Cuba.